HVRC Rules

All members are required to abide by the club rules, which are:  

1.The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

2.Wearing of riding hats and chin straps to the current BSI standard is compulsory when mounted. Suitable attire to be worn in all rings. From January 2016 onwards, BRC will not accept the EN1384 nor BSEN1384 standard for riding hats unless they are combined with a further standard and a kite mark. Also hats with peaks cannot be worn Xcountry from then. Covers and silks will be allowed.

3.The Committee and Organisers do not hold themselves responsible for any accident, loss or damage to competitors, spectators, animals, vehicles or property for any reason.

4.The Committee have the right to refuse admission to the showground to any horse or person for any reason.

5.Membership must be fully paid up before benefiting from discounted class prices.

6.Junior riders must have attained their 3rd birthday on day of show.

7.Any horse or pony competing in riding events must be 4 years of age or over in the current year and must be of sound condition.

8.No stallions are allowed at club events. Colts (up to one year old) may be brought with an adult handler.

9.The Committee reserve the right to measure any horse or pony and to request a height certificate where any height is in dispute. In the event of such action being taken and the animal is found to be of incorrect height, the said animal will be disqualified from the class in question until a height measurement certificate to the contrary has been produced.

10.Excessive use of the whip and/or spurs in any class will result in elimination.  Whips used for jumping must be padded. The ‘pad’ must be smooth with no protrusion or raised surface (which include embroidery) and be made of a shock absorbing material throughout its circumference. One whip, no longer than 75cm (and must be no less than 45cm) and not weighted, may be carried when jumping any obstacle in British Eventing competitions. bridles.

11.Riders must not gallop or canter anywhere on the showground except in the warming up area or in the rings. Offenders will be asked to leave the showground without refund of entry money.

12.It is the competitor’s responsibility to enter the ring when asked to do so. Failure to comply may lead to elimination from the class unless the ring steward has been informed of the circumstances.

13.Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times.

14.Litter must not be dropped.

15.Entry fees cannot be returned except at the discretion of the Show Secretary.

16.The decision of the judge is final. Arguing with the judge or general abusive behaviour on the showground will invite elimination.

17.Any objection/complaint must be put in writing and handed to the Show Secretary not more than one hour after the class and must be accompanied by £20. If the objection/complaint is found to be justified by the Committee at their next meeting the £20 will be refunded.

18.The Committee reserve the right to alter the programme or to consolidate classes or abandon classes. Also to amend or add to these rules as they feel necessary.