BRC Qualifier Dates 2019

If you would like to compete at any of the BRC qualifiers below, please contact Liz Morton  on  01433 631565   or Email her on

BRC Training is also available at venues across the UK.  More information can be found here, and a booking form here.

Hope Valley Riding Club falls within Area 16 for British Riding Club activities. Within this page you will find information about BRC events and training opportunities. If you want to get take part and represent HVRC at any of the BRC events – contact Liz Morton at You will be asked to supply the following information – rider name, address, horses name and passport name and number, age, sex, and breed. Anyone who wants to compete, you can find more information on BRC and their events here, and you can find the BRC rule book here. For BRC events, we are required (as a club) to send helpers. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone wanting to participate in these events could bring a helper for the club (for a morning or afternoon).

BRC Points Leagues
BRC started two new points leagues in 2017. Riders can collect points from dressage, showjumping and cross country competitions held by affiliated clubs, such as HVRC. Details and a link to the BRC website page covering the new points leagues are below.